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What does ARTEP stand for? The U.S. Army Training and Evaluation Program evaluates the training and critical collective tasks a unit must perform to accomplish its mission and survive on the battlefield.




ARRSR 55-11, Chapter 8-15, Paragraph a. states the following: "Total fitness for combat includes technical fitness, mental and emotional fitness, and physical fitness. If any of these attributes are lacking, combat effectiveness suffers proportionately. Without technical fitness, a Pararescuemen lacks the knowledge and skill for combat, without mental and emotional fitness, he lacks the incentive and confidence for combat, and without physical fitness he lacks the physical ability and stamina for combat."


At the end of training you will participate in an actual field exercise that would be known as an ARTEP in the US Army by utilizing all the skills and fitness you have acquired during training.

The old Pararescue "Bible" ARRSR 55-11, Vol II (1 Sept 1983), Chapter 8, section 15 is titled Physical Readiness.

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