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At the request of a local Team RWB  member, FOB Fitness is now an official GORUCK affiliate to begin recruiting for GORUCK on a nationwide scale. My Pinterest site gets between 32k to 52k hits per month which is linked it to this website. At this time we are not doing any local team training as an official GORUCK Firebase as ruck training has been offered as a standard part of FOB Fitness since 2013.

When we recruit enough serious local members we will apply to become an official GORUCK Firebase to have weekly or monthly ruck training. We will promote the national GORUCK events as much as we can till then. The FOB Fitness rucksack training program is more of a progressive strength and conditioning course than just rucking. It takes several weeks of conditioning before we begin any ruck march with weight as per FM 21-18.

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FM 21-18

At FOB  Fitness we offer Rucksack University

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100% real military training by members of the military and veterans